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Elentric is a new Automotive Development Initiative. With roots in high-end medical electronics, we have made the exciting decision to branch out into electric vehicle development. With our new additions of Automotive Designers and Engineers within our existing team, we are aiming to develop something unique, something stunning.


Our goal is to bring new technology, lightweight constructions, a new way of thinking with alternative materials and a bold design, while keeping production in mind to assure a reasonable prices. Resulting in a  super light weight functional urban electric vehicle. 

We are open to world wide technological collaboration initiatives.


About us

Years ago, we where investigating the market for electric vehicles, back then we felt that the market was not ready, and cost where too high. Since then market acceptation has risen significantly, and conscious living has become a preferred choice.  

In 2013 we have started to re-investigate the market, together with new initiatives surrounding the reduction of greenhouse gasses, we feel now is the right time to enter the development of a new small all electric vehicle. 

Our Team consists of an innovative thinker, several creative engineers and designers, and skilled marketing gurus. An important factor in this development is that we are able to run this project without investors. We are a young, motivated and innovative team with the will to astonish.



For information about this project, joint venture opportunities, supplier opportunities or job offers/internships, please contact us.



Our Partners

Our project benefits from a great collaboration with the following partners